An interesting article on Chris’ friend, actor Aleks Paunovic has been published on the No White Noise website.


(Article photo by Chris)


MCKENZIE MORRELL: Hi Aleks, can you tell the readers about yourself and what initially drew you to acting?

ALEKS PAUNOVIC: Well, I played in a rock band for years. From early high school into my 30’s. I was asked after I played a show to audition for a HBO movie called Heads. I’ll try anything once and decided to go to the audition. I ended up booking it and loved the idea of being creative on my own. I loved my band and they guys I played with but there are four other personalities in the band with different and every evolving ideas. Was an uneasy feeling that a band can end ‘cause of some different directions. I realized that acting was about me. My story telling. I liked that.



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